Dr. Egon Spengler (drspengler) wrote,
Dr. Egon Spengler

[Ecto-6] This magnificent feast represents the last of the petty cash.

{Action - Egon, Ray, Peter, and housemates if they want to come down and tell them to be quiet}
-- location: 772 Bunker Street, down in the basement
-- time: 8:30pm or so

[The basement is a bit of a mess but to Egon, it's perfectly organized. It's started warping into a lab with notes scattered everywhere, gutted electronics, and tools cluttering up a small table in the corner.

There are a couple couches with a coffee table covered in unhealthy snacks, drinks, and an ashtray or two. Everything is painfully retro but Egon wasn't too discerning when he took the ugly furniture off the hands of some significantly more discerning neighbors.

He has his newly built PKE meter open on the only empty space he could find on the coffee table. The main part is the size of a briefcase with a wire connecting a metal rod with a meter soldered to it.]

This was the smallest circuit board I could find with the right components. It's remarkably accurate for how outdated the technology is.

[He sits back on the couch with a box of crackers.]
Tags: action
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